Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Charity Info - Priorities


The charity thrive to help as many people as they possibly can which involves endless fundraising and support from the public. There are so many things to be done which is why Chelsea and Westminster charity create new goals even before the last ones have been completed.

This charity will not stop until they are doing all that they can to help those who cannot help themselves. Here are some of their amazing previous goals:

  • Raise 1.25m for Chelsea Children's Hospital
  • Support the breakthrough burns research and care centre by raising over 1.3m

This charity has so many ideas and goals in order to help as much as they can, but the need the help of the public. This appeal goes to companies as well, which are interested in fundraising and supporting our cause. If you feel like you want to be a part of our charity projects, feel free to reach out and we, in collaboration with one of our long-term partners, will reward you with attractive USA casino bonuses to win real money on top gaming websites. Don't hesitate, get involved. More info at

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