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Chelsea Services

Chelsea and the surrounding areas are home to many who will use the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for their health purposes. As well as those who live in Chelsea, those who also work in Chelsea may also need to use the services of Chelsea and Westminster hospital and will sometimes donate what they can in order to improve the resources that the hospital has to offer.

Many hospitals will have technology and equipment requirements but simply do not have the funds available for them. The smallest donation made to the hospital goes towards big changes that need to take place in order to help more patients.

Many locally based companies will donate to the hospital including; schools, restaurants, surveyors and banks. These are just a few example of how many people do their best to help support their local hospital.

There are many individual volunteers that come from local organisations as representatives and will contribute some of their time to the hospital rather than financially which is appreciated just as much. Any help given to the hospital no matter how that help is given, is greatly appreciated by all member or staff and patients at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

If you want to know more about the big improvements that have been made to the hospital through the help of the public then please, click here.

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